Maxipack is looking for a new name...

(the existing name seems to be taken by slightly irrelevant product)

Tomek | Mirek

We're experienced experts in marketing (Mirek) and software engineering (Tomek) as you can see from our resumes on LinkedIn.

We met around a year ago, and it's an interesting story... At that time Tomek was based in Oxford, UK, and Mirek was visiting Fiji as part of his round the world journey. We both, independently, had many ideas for businesses but it's difficult to start up a company on your own. Tomek was therefore looking for marketing expert, whilst Mirek was searching for a technical guy. It so happened, that someone whom we both knew contacted us, and soon we started discussing our ideas.

It was only after many emails and conversations when we realised, that we come from the same small town in Poland, we went to the same high school, and our parents were good friends in their school days!

It turns out that, because of our complementary skills, we're very efficient when working together. We believe that this is very good foundation for success!